Restringido SCUBA Diver 

This program is for working divers using SCUBA for the air supply up to 20 or 30 Meters (66 or 99 FSW). Commercial work using SCUBA is very cost effective for shallow work such as cleaning boat hulls, inspections and harvesting sea life for sale, for example. Yet it carries much more risk than its surface supplied counterpart. For this reason, training and adhering to written standards can help minimize those risks and create a safer and more productive dive team.

Our program trains divers on the fundamentals of diving, how to safely operate in a water environment, and standards of operation for the dive station / job site. 

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I.     Diving Physics
II.    Diving Physiology, Decompression, & Emergency  
       Management Procedures
III.   Diving Equipment, Systems, & Procedures
IV.   Practical Use of Diving Equipment
V.    Diving Hazards & Legislation
VI.   Diver Communication Systems
VII.  Rigging

Program Costs

Tuition - $6,000.00

Registration Fee - $100.00

Equipment - $2,500.00 (estimated) will vary depending on brand, style, material, etc.

Diver Physical - $499.00 - DCBC Approved

Additional Costs

Housing - $500.00 - 1,200.00 per month (estimated) will be pro-rated and 1 week of stay deducted

Food - $500.00 - 1,000.00 per month (estimated)

Car Rentals - $50.00 - 120.00 per day 

Length of Course

The program of study at CDA Technical Institute of the West Indies requires a minimum of 3 weeks. The maximum number of weeks a student may participate in training is 9 weeks.

Practical Experience Hours - 80
Classroom Hours  - 100

Total Hours - 180

Number of Weeks - 3

5 Days per week / 12 Hours per day