Para los Negocios

We have extensive experience working with businesses to provide quality training / assessment that meets IMCA recognition for Commercial Diving, Underwater Welding, EMT/DMT/CHT and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Our program consists of a minimum of 16 weeks, due to required student contact hours, but can be custom tailored for a longer duration if the need for extended training or shorter days is warranted. We take great pride in our ability to work with anyone. Our training meets all standards required for certification regardless of how it is scheduled. 

We also offer a DCBC Assessment / Top Up Program designed for experienced divers. There are prerequisites that must be met to qualify for these programs.

If you are interested in discussing the options available, review potential start dates or have any questions, you may contact our International Training Administrator / DCBC Assessment Coordinator, Capt Ray Black at or 869.466.1990.

We look forward to working with you to satisfy your Commercial Diver / Underwater Welder training needs.